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“IQ Samples are proud to present Afro House by Neki!

Deep and dynamic grooves with a minimalistic and melodic sound create amazing colour and atmosphere reflecting a true afro house vibe. Percussion and vocal chops that inherit many characteristics from Gqom are combined with the straightforward classic deep house sound.

Use drum, bass, synth, vocal, and percussion loops, crispy one-shots, as well as atmospheric FX to create fresh sounding music with the well-known swung groove. The samples and loops are perfect for various house music sub-genres.

Enjoy the demo and remember it is sometimes all about one specific element that makes the sound different. Feel free to experiment, mix, and try new things!”


“IQ Samples team is proud to present – Fat Analog Basslines sample pack!

It’s all about the bass if you produce any of the contemporary genres. How to make a bassline fat, punchy, and wall shaking? When it comes to the details the analog sound and the proper frequencies will make the difference.

The biggest secret of this pack is that it has a magical effect when you play it in a car or in a closed space. When this bassline touches the walls, it gives you goosebumps (it may be less obvious when you listen to it via your headphones or earplugs though).

The pack contains 480 unique basslines recorded using analog equipment to give the sound analog musical distortion and the wall-shaking effect. The variety of tempos, articulations, and tones gives you the freedom to use it in many various genres like house, hip-hop, synthwave, or pop. Enjoy!”


“IQ Samples are proud to present – Oriental EDM sample pack!

If you are faced with the task of bringing an Oriental sound to the track, then this pack will definitely help you in this!

 Oriental EDM was created under the influence of artists such as Omar Souleyman, Acid Arab and many others working in this genre. We should also say that the pack can be used to add fresh specific color in other genres too: techno, house, electro, deep (128 bpm), trap, dubstep (140bpm).

What’s inside? – 140 long and short Synth Phrases typical for this style, 30 Bass Loops, 60 Drum Loops, 30 Percussion Loops, 110 One Shots and 40 Sound FX.

Check this fabulous demo track and grab your copy of Oriental EDM A.S.A.P! Enjoy!”


“IQ Samples are proud to present – Deep Ethnic Flutes by Neki! Neki, a well-known experimenter with modern sound of ethnic music (also known as founder of Serbian project ShazaLaKazoo) shares his collection of ethnic flutes that he played in the context of deep electronic music. You can expect a variety of ethnic flutes in various tempos and styles, for use in a wide range of genres of modern music, such as deep, house, moombahton or downtempo, or even in film/theatre music. This sample pack contains large number of short and long flute phrases at three main tempos – 95,110,125 BPM as well as single flute notes, plus 150 drums, percussion, bass and keys loops, 140 drum one shots and FX. Enjoy!”

IQS008 IQ Samples - GQOMU House - Rhythm of South Africa

“IQ Samples are proud to present GQOMU House sample pack.
 We think that it’s correct to affirm, that this is a first sample pack dedicated to this distinctive genre of house music from South Africa. Percussion, intricate rhythms and beach grooves.
Neki Stranac (also known as ShazaLaKazoo member) is a well-known experimentalist and innovator in contemporary dance music with ethnic sound. Neki – being a creator of this sample pack shows his vision of this genre. 307 musical elements from this pack are giving you an opportunity to inject the mood of this style into your music. This sample pack will also be useful for creating house, electro, tribal and more.


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