NEKI (Milan Đurić by name) is Serbian music producer, DJ, musician and cultural anthropologist born in 1979.


     Coming from family of musicians, NEKI got involved into music since the age of six, playing guitar and later bass guitar, vocals and ethnic and medieval woodwinds. Parallel to his instrumentalist and vocalist self-exploration in his 5-member jazz-rock band ShazaLaKazoo (formed in 1995), in the mid-90`s he got into music recording and production through legendary Tascam Porta Studio mixer, which was the analog tape-style preparation for computer music production that followed in 1998.

First electronic music genres he was involved back in late 90`s and early 2000`s were trip hop, drum`n`bass, jungle and breakbeats, which were in their peak in Europe back then. As the time got by, his music orientation changed more into ethnic inspired sounds from various corners of the World, such as the Balkans, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East or India. With ShazaLakazoo, which previously also changed the course from semi-acoustic jazz-rock to electronic dance music, he got involved in European electronic music club and festival scene, playing in most European countries as well as in Israel and South Africa. With ShazaLaKazoo, NEKI has numerous releases such as four full albums: “Speaking Balkanian” (CDBaby Independent Release, Serbia, 2010), “Karton City Boom” (Eastblok Records, Germany, 2011), “Monobrow” (CDBaby Independent Release, Serbia, 2014) and “Metanational” (BalkanBeats Records, Germany, 2016) and various EP`s and singles such as “Bang! Bang!” (Generation Bass Digital, UK, 2011), “Zica Memo” (Downpitch, The Netherlands, 2012) or “As Mulher” (G-Rex Music, The Netherlands, 2014).

NEKI solo career began in 2010 with the rise of moombahton movement worldwide. NEKI music can be described as global bass electronic dance genre, heavily influenced by moombahton, zouk bass, trap, cumbia, kuduro, baile funk, Balkan brass, gqom, house and electro. From 2010 up to this day, NEKI is described as one of the most influential and fundamental moombahton / global bass artists in the world, and definitely the most prolific one. NEKI has two full length albums – “Long Haul” (Vlad, France, 2019) and “Sky Islands” (Nekion, Serbia, 2021). Besides, he has a couple of EPs and singles released​, as well as more than 300 remixes and edits. He is also an author of his own signature sample packs “Deep Ethnic Flutes by Neki”, “Oriental EDM”, “Fat Analog Basslines” and “Gqomu House” (IQ Samples).

His work is repeatedly supported by influential sites, blogs and magazines such as Generation Bass, Mad Decent, DJ Mag, Thump by Vice, Tropical Bass, Headliner Mag and others, with his remixes being released for such labels as Man Recordings, No Brainer Records, UrbanWorld Records, Downpitch, G-Rex Music, This Is Kuduro and Overcooked Records. Due to numerous NEKI works and reworks, his music is being played by DJ`s and radio stations worldwide. It can be easily said that almost no moombahton and/or global bass party anywhere in the world today is held without at least one of his tracks being played.

        Various sub-styles of his work allow him to create completely unique live sets consisting of his own production solely, that can be mellow or hard, slow and fast, or just mashed-up stylee. In addition to that, he plays synth themes and solos live with his EWI USB, which is a kind of electronic USB-clarinet, and uses the microphone for vocal shouts, which makes his set as live as one-man band can be.

NEKI performed live in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zaječar, Zrenjanin, Pančevo, Guča, Kovačica (Serbia), Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg (Netherlands), Berlin, Dortmund, Bielefeld, Mannheim (Germany), Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Rosario (Argentina), Paris, Toulouse, Besancon (France), Lima, Cusco (Peru), Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos (Brazil), Jerusalem, Mashabei Sade (Israel), Moscow, Tula (Russia), Vienna, Wiener Neustadt (Austria), Bogota (Colombia), Concepcion (Chile), Antwerp (Belgium), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Islantilla (Spain) and Pula (Croatia).


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